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17 september 2011

Composition in Electronic Components: Experiment I

A musical composition. A composition maybe made from the point of view of a computer or other electronic device.

Do computers like us? Do they like the interaction we have with them. 

We don't know. All we know is that we most probably slow them down with our presence, almost grind them to a hold.

There is a huge difference in the computational abilities between us. If we want to compute something, we need to go sit behind the keyboard and mouse, that slows down the computer. It needs to listen. Even if there where fast way's to interact, like speech or even brainwaves, it would slow the computer down.

This little experimental musical piece explores this. We got a little micro controller that happily sends it's serial communication to his companion, a little emulated SID chip. This serial communication consist of random registry entries so the SID can generate some random sounds.

But there is a opportunity for a human to interact with this micro controller, a PIR motion detector. If there is any movement registered this electronic circuit needs to slow it's activity down (by a factor of 10).

More info on the emulated SID chip can be found here ->

Maybe I will write down how I made this. But should be clear if you dig around on above mentioned website.