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28 februari 2011

555 Capacitor Trumpet

555 Capacitor Trumpet

This is my entry (hope I can make it on time!!) for the contest. Had GREAT FUN making this thing over the last weekend (cost me just a few curses!). I just sat down stuck a 555 timer on a breadboard and started wiring.

Set myself a few goals, just 1 555 timer, really wanted to make the capacitor value used for timing variabel, line level audio output so I can hook the thing to my computer.

Really don't have much time to document the thing. I know some features are ineffecient, some even over the top (doesn't really need two photoresistors for instance). Overall I'm pleased with the outcome.

I really need to document it futher I guess for the contest. Some design decision may be questionable. But this setup sounded the greatest to my ears, and I just had one weekend to finish, so I did not had much time to think about things (overthinking is never a good thing I believe).

Breadboard stage

Breadboard 555 Capacitor Trumpet 1

Above is what I came up with and settled with as the final design. Photo isn't that clear so I used Fritzing to make a clearer version (don't like Fritzing much, very clunky on my Mac, but fast!).

Breadboard 555 Capacitor Trumpet 2

Every 555 IC needs a good home

Found this little toy amplifier at a dollar shop (I believe it's so called in the US? We in the Netherlands call it knakenwinkel).

Had everything I could wish for. A amplifier circuit, good sturdy plastic casing with enough room. And the thing runs on 3 AA batteries, enough to power my additional circuit.

Front view

Toy Amplifier Clean Front

Backside view

Toy Amplifier Clean Back

Inside view

Toy Amplifier Clean Inside

Really easy to hack!

Toy Amplifier Hack points 1

Power taps

Toy Amplifier Hack points 2

Audio in

Toy Amplifier Hack points 3

Let's work

Now I needed to fit the following schematics into the box:

Schematics 555 Capacitor Trumpet


Finished Inside View

I'm not a good documentation writer while I work on things.

Jet another 555 given a home

To prove there is really a 555 on board!

555 IC

The thing in action