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21 maart 2011

Update: 555 Timer Trumpet

555 Capacitor Trumpet

UPDATE: The freakin' thing made it to the second round! Don't know why or how, other entries are far more awesome than mine.

I can only say that I'm honoured, and humbled. Judged by Chris Gammell and Jeri Ellsworth and now Phil Torrone and Windell Oskay. All people I really, really admire for what they brought to the world of electronics, Open Source Hardware and Make / DIY scene (and overall inspiration for how to life)!! And I don't even have a EE degree or something. Hell just started picking up electronics where I left it as a kid (demolishing stuff).

Warning to the people that want to make the contraption (Yes, it's an evil trap of joyfull procrastination)! It has a tendencie to hurt your ears after just a few minutes, and the batteries seem to last forever.